Exploring Pain with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Hackensack New Jersey

You may be going about your daily routine, when suddenly everything changes! You are now experiencing pain and you aren’t sure what to do about it. There can be many underlying causes and there are also several solutions. Finding the best fit for an outcome that lets you get back to normal as soon as possible is important. Searching for an accredited orthopedic surgeon in Hackensack New Jersey to help target and treat your condition is the best place to start.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Many injuries are the result of a sport or a work related issue. Sports can be a great deal of fun, but they take a toll on the body. You may twist your ankle running or blow out your knee getting tackled. You may hurt your shoulder moving heavy items at work or cause harm to your wrists due to repeat motions all day long at work. Joint replacement surgery by and orthopedic surgeon in Hackensack New jersey may be required in order to help you to recover.


Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye that are very painful due to some type of trauma. This is often an impact related issue. For example, you are hurt in a vehicle accident. The trauma can affect certain areas of the body significantly more than others. You may need to locate an orthopedic doctor near me in New Jersey.

Getting Older

There are issues that occur naturally as a person gets older with their joints. The cartilage in the knee or the shoulder can start to wear away. As a result, there is no longer any soft cushion for the movement of the joint and socket. Instead, it is bone on bone and this is very painful. It creates inflammation and reduces overall mobility in that part of the body. This can often occur in the hands, from working desk jobs and typing for long hours, or a construction job, find a specialized orthopedic surgeon in Hacksensack New Jersey for hand surgery.

Genetics Can Play a Role

Such pain and issues doesn’t only happen to athletes or those with physical jobs. It doesn’t just happen as a person gets older or due to trauma related incidents. There are individuals who struggle with such problems at a young age due to their genetic makeup. The good news is there is much more that can be done about it for you than for your previous ancestors by finding an orthopedic doctor in New Jersey!

Sports Medicine Doctor in Ramsey

Your doctor will do an assessment to determine the cause of your problems. If you felt pain after a certain activity, share that with them. This is typically going to be an underlying factor for them to look closely at. They will do a physical exam, touching the area to see how much it hurts and to look for signs of inflammation. They may refer you to tests including x-Rays and MRI. This gives your orthopedic back doctor detailed information to work with.

An orthopedic surgeon in Ramsey New Jersey will encourage you to rest and to make changes to your daily routine to allow your body to heal. You may be asked to wear a brace on the affected area to offer it support. Keeping your shoulder or knee for example immobile gives the insides of your body a chance to
rest and heal.

Joint Surgeon in Jersey

Should that not be enough to resolve the problem though, surgery may be the next logical step. You will need to talk to your orthopedic surgeon about the type of procedure, what it will entail, and the recovery process. This may be the best treatment to help you get back to normal and back to what you love spending time doing!

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