Spinal Surgery and Advancements in Technology

Common Types of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Due to the value of minimally invasive spinal surgery and the continued advances with the procedures done by Jeff Proveaux, it is now being used more frequently. There are a variety of specific procedures that fall under this particular umbrella. As more options improve, there will be more added because the medical community is impressed with what Jeff Proveaux has offed and with the success rate of patients.

When a person has a herniated disk located in the lower part of the back, the nerves there can be pinched. As a result, it can cause severe pain and discomfort. This can affect the lower back, the legs, and the shoulder regions. In addition to pain, they may experience numbness and overall weakness.

A MIS Lumbar Discectomy may be necessary for the person to have some relief from such symptoms. This procedure involves removing that disk from the back. A small incision is made that covers the area of that disk. Typically, it is about 1” and it allows the doctor to retract the nerves in that area and remove the disk. Materials are put in place to fill that space where the disk was.

Jeff Proveaux
Jeff Proveaux

When a person needs minimally invasive spinal surgery for nerve problems, the approach may be done from the abdomen or the side rather through the back. This is called a MIS Lumbar Fusion. Jeff Proveaux has used this procedure in numerous patients and found that by placing disks, this may need to be removed in order to put the materials in place. It may require the addition of rods and screws to offer the additional support it will need for functionality.

Jeff Proveaux
Jeff Proveaux

If you are considering this procedure, Jeff Proveaux says that he would recommend a specialist in the field. The right specialist for the procedure you need is very important. The initial surgeon you see may not be the one to perform the minimally invasive spine surgery for you. Many of them have a few areas they specialize in. This allows them to focus on how to do them and they can be very good at it.
They may refer you to another specialist who has the skills and experience with the right procedure for you. This is all done with your best interest in mind. You want the best possible outcome and that often depends on who is performing the surgery.

Jeff Proveaux
Jeff Proveaux

While these are the most common types, there are actually over 50 different specific procedures that can be done, says Jeff Proveaux. Make sure you fully understand what is going to be done for you and that the possible prognosis is. There are many variables and there aren’t any guarantees with the outcome. However, most patients feel that they have suffered through the pain and limitations long enough. They are ready to do something that gives them hope.

Jeff Proveaux
Jeff Proveaux

The type of minimally invasive spine surgery you may be a good candidate for depends on the testing conducted and what the doctor can pinpoint. This type of surgery is only done when a specific need can be identified and reached. It can take time to determine the underlying cause, says Jeff Proveaux and to get to the point where the doctor feels surgery is the only course of treatment left to pursue.

Jeff Proveaux
Jeff Proveaux

Steps to Take with Your New Jersey Accident Attorney

Take Care of Yourself After a Vehicle Accident with these 5 Steps

Your life is going to be changed when you are the victim of a car accident in Essex County and you have injuries. However, you need to take care of yourself and make sure you can rest and recover as much as possible before returning to daily activities.

Hire a Great Personal Injury Lawyer in Morris County

You don’t know the extent of those personal injuries, how long it will take to heal, or when you can go back to work. Rather than stressing over it, you need to hire a New Jersey accident attorney. If you will be unable to go to them, call. Many of them will come to the hospital or to your home to discuss the case with you. The sooner a New Jersey accident attorney is on board to help fight your case, the less you have to worry about.

Get Help with your Responsibilities with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Hudson County

You are going to have to make some changes to your lifestyle so you can rest and get better. You will need to get help with your pets, children, and household chores. You may need someone to get your car in for estimates so it can be repaired.  Have your accident lawyer help schedule your day to day activities for you and speak to your insurance company. You can’t keep taking on all of this on and get better. Turn to family, friends, and even community agencies to get assistance where you can.

Talk to your Employer in New Jersey

Your employer is going to have to be understanding if you can’t return to work due to the vehicle accident in Middlesex County. They may require you to submit documents including medical statements and the police report. Get them what they need, and if you aren’t able to, ask your New Jersey Accident attorney to take care of it.

You may be able to obtain pay through short term disability insurance you have in Bergen County, accrued vacation, and other perks they offer. It doesn’t hurt to talk with the human resources office to see what may be available to you after your accident. They will have to hold your job until you can return so don’t worry about that!

Keep all Medical Appointments on Record with Your New Jersey Accident Attorney

It is vital you go to all of your follow up medical appointments, even with those required by the other insurance. If you don’t, it could result in the personal injury claim being denied. If you can’t get to the appointment on your own, see if someone can give you a ride. If the other party is requiring you to travel to get to a medical appointment to see a certain provider, they will need to pay you for mileage.

Focus on getting Better

It can be hard to focus on getting better when you are in pain, life as you knew it has changed drastically, and you have bills you can’t pay. However, you need to do what you can to reduce stress and to focus your attention on getting well.