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Welcome to and is now your news source for the latest in movie news! Skim through our news posting of all the most recent released movies. Read what the critics had to say about all the new movies and use this as your one stop source for information. Search through and discover real people as well, giving their real opinion on all movies. YOU can also choose to create a login and sound off about what you liked and didn’t like about the latest movies.

See special clips here from the movies under our news source selection and read interviews that were conducted with the cast. Along with special clips of face to face interviews and live on-site behind the scene footage. has never been better and is here to Moov-u. It is no longer just about the film at we are here to create a one of a kind experience. We hand deliver a direct interaction to all the latest news source of your favorite actors and what it was like for them while working on set.

Discover a whole new world of movie trailers and actor interviews. We stay ahead of the news and bring the sources directly to you. If you have information that we left out, always feel free to create a login and tell us all about it. We will post your information after conducting our own research and if we find truth behind your statements we will post it on our news source! And of course we will not forget to give you credit for bringing us such useful information. Use to search for Imax theaters in your area and even ones that sever beer during the showing. Going to the movies has never been a better experience with our news source.

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